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The course presents the principles, methodologies and procedures of Marketing  as part of the modern business environment. In individual thematic sections are being discussed  basic marketing principles, the marketing decision-making, marketing management, marketing training program and the marketing mix.

The general framework of the marketing process includes:  1) market research and analysis, 2) environmental assessment, 3) consumer behavior examination, 4) setting of targets and target market segmentation and positioning 5) planning the marketing mix, 6) implementation and enforcement program, 7) efficacy testing and 8) collection and analysis of new modular situations in the market, business, and the environment.

The course aims at a complete view of marketing through an innovative presentation box as the art and science of creating value for customers in exchange for the value of commitment from them. The marketing approach is through an integrated customer value development framework and client relationships with the use of new technologies, modern IT systems and Internet applications and e-business. Along with the integration of new technologies and the Internet in the development of marketing strategy and operation, special importance is given to moral issues and social business responsibility towards customers and partners.

Training Modules

  • Introduction and Administrative rules of Management. Definition of Marketing and Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing environment and Marketing Procedure.
  • Understanding different markets and consumers. Analysis of Marketing environment. Analysis of purchasing behavior of consumers and businesses.
  • Market Segmentation. Target Market. Differentiation and Positioning.
  • Marketing research.
  • Marketing mix. Product policy, products, services and brands, new product development, product life cycle strategies.
  • Marketing mix. Pricing policy, factors influencing pricing, pricing strategies and methods.
  • Marketing mix. Distribution policy, providing costumers value, logistics, supply chain management.
  • Marketing mix. Communication policy, advertising, public relations, private sale, sales promotion.
  • Online marketing. Mobile marketing.
  • Green marketing. Social networks.

Course Features

  • Lectures 1
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Self
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